Ombre Brow Tattoo


Ombre is created using a machine. This technique creates a soft powdery finish that mimics a brow pencil. Pigment is generally soft and light at the beginning of the brow and gradually gets darker towards the tail. Recommended for individuals with oily skin, little to no brow hair and those who prefer a more defined brow shape.

Duration 3h 30m


Ombre 4-6 Weeks Touch Up


After your initial procedure, a touch up session is required so we can enhance or make minor changes to your brow tattoo.

Duration 1hr 30m


Ombre 12-18 Months Touch Up


After 12-18 months, a touch up is optional to keep your tattoo looking fresh and bold again. Anything over 18 months will be charged as a new procedure.

Duration 2h